Custom Services

Customised furniture can be the icing on the cake for your home. It’s the place where your memories are made and you spend your most time so why not love every single inch of it.

Bespoke Interiors custom furniture can be made from any material you wish. If our machines can’t make it we know some who has the machine that can. We really want to enable our clients imaginations to run wild when designing their dream piece. Custom dining tables and matching chairs are always a favourite among clients for the ability to be specific with dimensions and seating arrangements. Perfect for large families, commercial fitouts or grand rooms these custom pieces can be made to fit your family.

Custom Chairs

As well as hardwood chairs our team of professionals can also design and create custom armchairs, ottomans and sofas for your lounge or sitting room. With access to a wide range of fabrics, colours, style and textures we can colour match any piece or provide you with a point of difference.

Bedroom Furniture

Custom bed heads have quickly become a very prominent trend, allowing clients to add a bespoke vibe to the bedroom. A place that provides retreat should be a soulful and relaxing experience designed around your specific wants and needs. Custom bed heads are perfectly matched to beds of all shapes and sizes including those that have been made custom themselves. With several choices of filling for padded bed head options our team can also work with you to find a filling that fits the bill especially for those with sensitive allergies.