Our Services

Bespoke Interiors provide services designed to style and embrace the entire home.
Including but not limited to custom soft furnishing designed to add both comfort and style to a space by utilising the client’s personal vision to create a piece that is uniquely them. Soft furnishings can be colour matched within our extensive fabric library or sourced from local and international designers.

If you are looking for an elegant and classic look or merely to increase the privacy of your home the team at Bespoke Interiors can source curtain, blinds and window accessories to suit any budget as well as providing the option of a fully customised service for those tricky shaped windows or a luxe look.

Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings provide an element of comfort and style to a home, creating a space that is warm and inviting. Create a tranquil escape from daily life by styling your home with custom cushions and bed linen. These pieces can be fully customised or bespoke pieces that add a point of difference to an existing design.


Servicing Bayside Melbourne Bespoke Interiors provides a customised approach to interior design concepts through the use of expert product knowledge, to the millimeter tailored soft furnishings and expertly crafted and curated custom furniture pieces.
Specialising in supplying clients with made to measure curtains and blinds from stunning imported fabrics, customised bed heads and bespoke bedding, intricate upholstery repairs and traditionally crafted furniture, rugs and lighting solutions this highly skilled design team has a piece just for you.


Bespoke Interiors are proudly supported by Australia’s leading manufacturers of quality furnishings which are accompanied by the highest warranties. Offering competitive pricing and a vast selections library you can be confident that the advice given about your pieces will result in a stunning outcome that is keeping with your style and budget.


Supplying a wide variety of custom or bespoke curtain and drapes, Bespoke Interiors are millimetre perfect each and every time. Our friendly team understand that curtains and drapes really do frame a room and provide a tranquil and elegant vibe. Therefore, we ensure our measurements are millimetre perfect to your specifications.